Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians

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An Ultimate Guide about Visa on Arrival Countries for Indian Citizens

18 Popular Countries offering Visa on Arrival for Indians in 2020

What are the different types of Visas you can avail?

Type of Visa

What does it Imply?

Visa on Arrival

Visa on arrival refers to a visa that is issued to travellers when they arrive at the port of entry of their destination country.


Countries that do not require foreign visitors to apply for a Visa are classified as visa-free nations.


These are standard visa that the immigration wing of a nation sanctions for visitors. The only difference is that e-visas are issued online instead of the common paper-based visa document.

Entry Permit

Countries issue entry permits to their visitors in lieu of visas. These entry permits are documents that allow foreigners to enter and stay in the country legally for a certain period of time.

Importance of Buying Travel Insurance for International Trips

FAQs about Visa on Arrrival Countries for Indians