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What’s Covered in Two Wheeler Insurance by Digit?

Bike Accident


Damages and losses that may arise due to an accident or collision

Bike Theft


Covers for your losses in case your two-wheeler is unfortunately stolen!

Bike got fire


Damages and losses to your two-wheeler in case of an accidental fire!

Natural Disaster

Natural Disasters

Damages caused to your two-wheeler due to nature’s many furies, such as due to floods, cyclones, etc.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident

Covers for your expenses in cases where you’ve hurt yourself too bad!

Third Party Losses

Third Party Losses

When a person, a vehicle or a property is hurt or damaged due to your bike's actions.

Add-on Covers with Digit Two Wheeler Insurance

Two wheeler insurance add-ons which you can buy with your Two Wheeler insurance policy

Zero Depreciation Cover

Think of it like an effective anti-ageing cream for your bike and its parts. Usually, the required depreciation amount is always taken in account during claims. However, a zero-depreciation cover ensures no depreciation is taken into consideration, so you get the full value of the cost of repair/replacement during claims.

Return to Invoice Cover

If you fall into a situation where your bike is stolen or damages beyond repair, this add-on comes in handy. With return to invoice add-on, we will cover the costs of getting you the same, or similar bike- including the road tax and registration fees for the same.

Engine & Gear-box Protection Cover

Do you know that the cost of replacing your engine is approximately 40% of its cost? In a standard two-wheeler insurance policy, only damages caused during the accident are covered. However, with this add-on, you can specifically also cover for the life of your vehicle (the engine and gearbox!) for any consequential damages caused post the accident. This could happen due to water regression, leakage of lubricating oil, and undercarriage damages.

Consumable Cover

Consumable cover adds an additional shield to your two-wheeler. Covers costs for all your bike’s nitty-gritties too, such as the engine oils, screws, nuts and bolts, grease, etc. in a situation of an accident.

Breakdown Assistance

The roadside assistance add-on ensures we’ll always be there for you and your two-wheeler in case of any breakdowns. The best part? Asking for our help doesn’t even count as a claim.

What’s not Covered

It is equally important to know what’s not covered in your two-wheeler insurance policy, so that there are no surprises when you make a claim. Here are some such situations:

Own Damages for Third-Party Policy holder

In the case of a Third-Party or Liability Only Bike Policy, damages to own vehicle won’t be covered. 

Drunk Riding or without a Licence

Your bike insurance won’t cover for you in situations where you were riding drunk or without a valid two-wheeler licence.

Driving without a valid Driving Licence holder

If you hold a learner’s licence and were riding your two-wheeler without a valid licence-holder on the pillion seat- then your claim in those situations won’t be covered.

Consequential Damages

Any damage which is not a direct result of the accident (e.g. after an accident, if the damaged two-wheeler is being used incorrectly and the engine gets damaged, it is considered as consequential damage and it will not be covered)

Contributory Negligences

Any contributory negligence(e.g. damage due to driving a two-wheeler in a flood, which is not recommended as per the manufacturer’s driving manual, will not be covered)

Add-ons not Bought

Some situations are covered in add-ons. If you haven’t bought those add-ons, the corresponding situations will not be covered.

Why Choose Two Wheeler Insurance by Digit?

Your bike insurance not only comes with a super easy claim process, but also with the option to choose a cashless settlement

Cashless Repairs

Cashless Repairs

2900+ Cashless Network Garages for you to choose from across India

Smartphone-enabled Self Inspection

Smartphone-enabled Self Inspection

Quick and Paperless claims process through a Smartphone-enabled self-inspection process

Super-fast Claims

Super-fast Claims

Average turn around time for two-wheeler claims is 11 days

Customize your Vehicle IDV

Customize your Vehicle IDV

With us, you can customize your vehicle IDV as per your choice!

24*7 Support

24*7 Support

24*7 call facility even on National Holidays

Key Features of Two Wheeler Insurance by Digit

Key Features

Digit Benefit


Starting from ₹752

No Claim Bonus

Up to 50% Discount

Customizable Add-Ons

5 Add-ons available

Cashless Repairs

Available at 2900+ Garages

Claim Process

Smartphone-enabled Claim process. Can be done online within 7 minutes!

Claim Settlement Ratio

97% Claim settlement ratio - time period: Oct'19 to Mar'20

Own Damage Cover


Damages to Third-Party

Unlimited Liability for Personal Damages, Up to 7.5 Lakhs for Property/Vehicle Damages

Two Wheeler Insurance plans that fit your needs

Third Party

A Third-party Bike Insurance is one of the most common types of bike insurance;in which only damages & losses caused to a third-party person, vehicle or property are covered.


A Comprehensive Bike Insurance is one of the most valuable types of bike insurance that covers both third-party liabilities and damages to your own bike as well.

Third Party



How to file a Two Wheeler Insurance Claim?

After you buy or renew our two wheeler insurance plan, you live tension free as we have a 3-step, completely digital claims process!

Step 1

Just call on 1800-258-5956. No forms to be filled.

Step 2

Get a link for Self-Inspection on your registered mobile number. Shoot your vehicle’s damages from your smartphone through a guided step by step process.

Step 3

Choose the mode of repair you wish to opt for i.e. Reimbursement or Cashless through our network of garages.

Two Wheeler Insurance Claims Made Simple with Digit

Cashless Garages by Digit

Digit's Cashless Garages

Get cashless repairs at 2900+ garages across India 

Report Card

How fast are Digit Insurance Claims Settled?

This is the first question that should come to your mind when switching your insurance company. Good you’re doing that!

Read Digit’s Claims Report Card

What our customers have to say about us


Excellent service. Everything is digitized and recently I had to change the insurance from the previous seller post changing the RC. The whole transaction was handled seamlessly without me visiting their office. I will recommend them for anyone going for two-wheeler insurance.

Gaurav Yadhav

It was very good experience purchasing a two wheeler insurance policy from Digit. Very polite and prompt service by Poonam Devi. She took extra care in getting the policy issued as soon as possible.

Sandeep Chowdhury

Awesome experience with Digit Insurance. Got a call from settlement agent with in 5 mins. after uploading all the required Pictures and documents. The claim got settlled over the call itself. Received the claim amount very next working day after providing the final invoice.

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Benefits of buying a Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Protect your Pocket from Dents

Insuring your bike with a two-wheeler insurance policy ensures your pocket doesn’t face any dents due to unfortunate losses and damages in the likelihood of an accident, natural calamity, fire or theft. 

Be covered, legally!

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory to at least have a Third-Party Bike Insurance. Without it, you can’t ride legally on Indian roads! Therefore, one of the benefits of buying a bike insurance policy is that of being covered legally.

Stay Clear of Traffic Penalties

Since it’s primarily illegal to ride in India without at least a basic, Third-Party Bike Insurance; not having one can lead to heavy traffic penalties. Believe it or not, you save more on buying insurance for your bike than getting caught even just once for not having one!

Get Extensive Coverage with Add-ons

When you opt for a comprehensive bike insurance policy, you have the benefit of customizing it with useful add-ons like a return to invoice cover, zero depreciation cover, breakdown assistance, consumables cover and tyre protection amongst others that will give your bike complete protection, against all the odds!

Avoid Third-Party Problems

One of the problems people dread when they get into any kind of accident, is the countless banter faced between third-parties due to damages or losses caused. Having a bike insurance policy in place ensures the affected party will be covered and hence, lesser the problems faced! 

How to choose the right Two Wheeler Insurance?

Customize your IDV

An IDV is the market value of your bike, including the charge of its depreciation and the value of the same will directly affect your bike insurance premium. Moreover, this also affects the compensation value you’ll receive during claims. So, make sure you always check if your IDV is stated correctly. At Digit, we believe in transparency and give you the option to customize your IDV.

Compare Bike Insurance Quotes

The biggest advantage you have of buying a bike insurance online is, that you can compare different bike insurance quotes. You can either do this on online insurance aggregators or by visiting different insurance provider websites. Make sure you compare important aspects such as your IDV, add-ons available, service benefits, reliability and of course, claim settlement ratios and processes!  

Service Benefits

A good bike insurance isn’t only about coverages and claims (although yes, that’s a huge part of it!) it’s also about the kind of service benefits you can avail through your respective service provider. For example; at Digit we offer services like Roadside assistance (which doesn’t count as a claim) which ensures we’re there for you even when you need us for the littlest of things. 

Know your Coverage

A good bike insurance should be able to cover you for the different things that you may need. That’s what the premium is for! Therefore, while choosing the right bike insurance, ensure you look at the coverage you receive and then decide if what you’re paying for is worth it or not. 

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How to choose the right Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

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