Health Insurance covering Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Digit Health Insurance covers Hospitalization due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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What is Coronavirus Health Insurance?

Health Insurance for Coronavirus (COVID 19) in India

What's great about Digit's Health Insurance that covers Coronavirus?

  • Zero-touch insurance:  From the process of buying a health insurance to making claims is paperless and can be done online in just a few minutes. 
  • Additional Sum Insured Available: Specifically, for Accidental Hospitalizations and Critical Illnesses, at zero cost! 
  • Covers Coronavirus: Despite the COVID-19 being a pandemic, coronavirus is covered for in our health insurance.
  • No Age Based Copayment - Our health insurance comes with no age based copayment. This means, during your claims- you need not pay anything from your pocket.
  • No Room Rent Restriction - Everyone has different preferences and we understand that. That’s why, we have no room rent restrictions. Choose any hospital room you prefer.
  • 2X Sum Insured - If you exhaust your sum insured and unfortunately need it again during the year, we refill it for you.
  • Cumulative Bonus - A reward for staying healthy! Get yearly Cumulative Bonus.
  • Get Treated at any Hospital - Choose from 6400+ of our network hospitals in India for cashless claims or opt for a reimbursement.

What’s Covered in our Health Insurance for Coronavirus?



Comfort Pro


What’s not Covered?

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Expenses

Pre-natal and post-natal medical expenses, unless it leads to hospitalization.

Pre-Existing Diseases

In case of a pre-existing disease, unless the waiting period is over, the claim for that disease or illness cannot be made.

Hospitalization without Doctor’s Recommendation

Any condition you get hospitalized for, that doesn’t match with the doctor’s prescription is not covered.

Key Benefits of Digit's Health Insurance for Coronavirus


Covered under hospitalization, with zero additional cost!


No Age Based Copayment

Cashless Hospitals

6400+ Cashless Hospitals All Over India

Cumulative Bonus

20% extra SI for your First Claim Free year

Sum Insured

Additional Sum Insured for Critical Illness & Accidental Hospitalization

Room Rent Capping

No Room Rent Capping. Choose any room you like.

Claim Process

Digital Friendly, No Hard Copies Required!

How to file a Claim?

  • Reimbursement Claims - Let us know in case of a hospitalization within two days of admission at 1800-258-4242 or email us at [email protected] and we'll send you a link where you can upload your hospital bills and all relevant documents to process the reimbursement. 
  • Cashless Claims - Choose the network hospital. You can find the complete list of network hospitals here. Display e-health card to the hospital helpdesk and ask for the cashless request form. If all is good, your claim will be processed then and there.
  • If you have claimed for Coronavirus, make sure you have a positive test report from an authorized centre of ICMR – National Institute of Virology, Pune.

Claims FAQs - Hopitalization due to COVID-19

Why should you get a Coronavirus health insurance now, more than ever?

Uncertainty around the COVID-19

You know, the reason we’re here is so we can be there for you in your uncertain moments! With so much uncertainty around, the one thing you can be sure of is that a health insurance will have your back when you need it!  

Financial Instability & Economic Slowdown

With the current economic slowdown, you need to be more prudent than ever about your financial decisions. A health insurance that covers for coronavirus and all other healthcare needs is the best thing you can do for your current and long-term financial security!

Tax Savings

A part of making smart financial decisions is saving on tax! Luckily, anyone who buys a health insurance for himself and his parents can claim for tax savings on the annual premium paid. It’s a win-win situation if you were to do the math!

Protects you from Critical Illnesses

Apart from covering for the coronavirus, a health insurance also safeguards you against other diseases and illnesses including critical illnesses that can often take a financial toll on anyone.

Peace of Mind

How do you feel when you know that someone will always have your back during unfortunate situations? Relived, right? With regards to your health too- you can count on a health insurance to have your back in times of need.

Make Smart Move

It’s possible that you’re someone who’s optimistic about your health and wealth. However, did you know that even if you don’t claim for anything, you get rewarded through benefits like a cumulative bonus? For every year you don’t make a claim, your total sum insured is increased without any extra cost! 

Health Insurance Options for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

FAQs about Digit’s Health Insurance for COVID-19

Difference between COVID Specific Insurance Policies and Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy?

Coronavirus Insurance (COVID-only policies like Corona Kavach, Corona Rakshak)

Health Insurance Covering Coronavirus (Comprehensive Health Insurance Policies)

A coronavirus cover or coronavirus insurance is usually offered as a pocket size insurance policy to cover for costs ONLY for treatment pertaining to the COVID-19. Depending on your insurer, it could either be a lumpsum amount paid during claims or offered as a reimbursement based on your hospital bills.

A health insurance that covers coronavirus means your health insurance policy ALSO covers for coronavirus among other illnesses and diseases. You don’t have to buy a separate cover or policy for the same. It is all inclusive in your health insurance.

A coronavirus insurance is a short-term policy and the policy is no longer valid after a claim.

A health insurance is a long-term policy (you can choose from 1 year to multi-year plans) and you can claim as many times in a year, as long as your total claims don’t go above your total sum insured.

Apart from covering for coronavirus, there are no other additional benefits of a coronavirus insurance.

Apart from covering for coronavirus, a standard health insurance policy also comes with other benefits such as maternity and newborn baby cover, OPD, Daycare procedures and more.cover, OPD.

The premium for a coronavirus insurance may be lesser since it is a specific cover to one disease only.

The health insurance premium that covers coronavirus would be similar to that of what a standard health insurance premium will cost. The premium will largely depend on your age, location and sum insured chosen.

Difference between a Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak Coronavirus health insurance?

Corona Kavach

Corona Rakshak

Policy type

Corona Kavach is a covid-indemnity plan that helps one get their hospital bills covered when they’re being treated for the covid-19.

Corona Rakshak is a covid-benefit policy. Here, a lumpsum benefit is offered instead of getting specific hospital bills covered, i.e. the insured receives the entire sum insured if they are to be treated for the virus.

Sum Insured

Choose between minimum Rs 50,000 and maximum, Rs 5 lakhs.

Choose between minimum Rs 50,000 to maximum, Rs 2.5 lakhs.

Hospitalization terms

One can claim through their Corona Kavach cover if they need hospitalization for more than 24-hours.

One can only claim through their Corona Rakshak and receive the lumpsum if the hospitalization required exceeds 72-hours.

Type of plans available

In Corona Kavach, one can choose between a family floater and individual plan.

In a Corona Rakshak cover, you can only opt for an individual plan, there is no option for a family floater.

Additional benefits

In a Corona Kavach policy, you can also opt for a daily hospital cash cover wherein you can receive 0.5% of your sum insured for each day of hospitalization.

There are no additional benefits or covers available in a Corona Rakshak policy.

FAQs about Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak Policies

Important things to know about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What is the difference between Quarantine, Self-Isolation, and Social Distancing?

You’ve probably been hearing all these words quite a bit and if you’ve ever wondered what the difference between them all is, here’s a quick overview for you to understand them better.



Social Distancing

Quarantine refers to the period of time where you need to be isolated and kept under observation – this can either be done at home or at a covid facility provided by your government or healthcare provider. People who have recently traveled, have been in some form of contact with a covid positive patient or are showing symptoms of the virus are usually kept under quarantine for at least up to 14 days.

Self-isolation is a voluntary protective measure you should take if you’ve recently traveled or are suspicious of having contracted the virus at any point. This simply means you isolate yourself from others at home and outside, so that you don’t have even the slightest chance of being a carrier of the virus.

Social distancing is a preventive measure we all must take whenever we step out of our homes. This simply means keeping at least 1 meter physical distance between people and reducing the number of times you may come in close contact with other people.

FAQs about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)