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What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

What is Covered in Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Damages Due to Accidents

Even the tiniest accidents can cause so much trouble! That’s why this covers for you and your car during all unfortunate accidents. 

Car Thefts

Unfortunately, if your lovely car is stolen – your comprehensive car insurance will help make the situation better! 😊  

Losses to a Third-Party

It’s time to stop getting bitter over strangers for accidents both major and minor and let your comprehensive car insurance take care of the same! 

Damages due to a Natural Disaster

Nature’s many furies are not in your hands! Therefore, don’t worry if a flood or cyclone damages your car. If you have a comprehensive car insurance policy in place, you’ll be covered!  

Personal Injuries or Death in an Accident

Accidents can lead to not only car damages but personal injuries too! A comprehensive car insurance ensures you’re protected for in the likelihood of the same. (provided you have the PA cover).

Damages Caused in a Fire

Even a small fire can lead to major damages of your car or its parts! That’s why, a comprehensive car insurance ensures you don’t need to bear the brunt of it.  

Add-ons to Customize your Comprehensive Car Insurance

Get better coverage for your car with these add-on covers available with Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

Zero Depreciation Cover

If your car is less than 5 years old, get this cover to avoid paying for the cost of depreciation during your car insurance claims. Read more about Zero Depreciation Car Insurance.

Breakdown Assistance

We all need a little help sometimes! That’s why we have this cover to help you out in situations where you need a helping hand. Read more about Roadside Assistance.

Tyre Protect Cover

Similar to an engine gearbox cover. Except this one covers and protects for your tyre in all possible situations, apart from just an accident. Know more about tyre protect add-on.

Engine & Gearbox Protection

A car insurance will only cover for engine or gearbox damage when it happens in an accident but, this cover lets you protect your engine and gearbox in all possible situations. Read more about Engine Protection cover.

Return to Invoice Cover

Ideal for new cars, this cover gives you the benefit of literally keeping your car as good as new. In case of a theft, or damages beyond repair this cover gives you back the complete value of your car’s invoice value. Read more about RTI in car insurance.

Consumable Cover

Every small thing makes a difference. That’s why, this cover is dedicating to protecting all your car’s nitty-gritties such as engine oils, screws, nuts and more, regardless of any accidents. Read more about Consumable cover.

Passenger Cover

Your comprehensive car insurance already covers for you but why not protect for the person riding with you, too? Read more about Passenger Cover.

What’s Not Covered?

It’s true that a comprehensive car insurance gives your car 360-degree protection but here are some exceptions.

Driving Drunk

Any claims made in a situation where you were driving drunk won’t be considered. 

Driving without a License

You can’t make claims if you were driving without a valid driver’s license.  

Add-ons Not Bought

This is pretty obvious, isn’t it?  In case you haven’t bought a particular add-on you can’t claim for its benefits! 

Consequential Damages

Consequential damages are those that take place after the accident. Unless covered for in an add-on, such damages can’t be covered.  

Contributory Negligence

To simply put it, don’t do things you aren’t supposed to! 😊 For example; if there are floods in your city, don’t take the risk and take your car out. Listen to your manufacturer’s manual cause such negligences can’t be covered!  

Driving without a valid License Holder

In case you have a learner’s license, you should be driving with a valid license holder. Your car insurance won’t cover for you otherwise.  

Difference between Third-Party & Comprehensive Car Insurance




Benefits of a Comprehensive Car Insurance

Saves Money

Saves Money

You don’t realize how much even small repairs can cost until something suddenly happens to your car! Protecting your car with a comprehensive car insurance ensures dents on your car don’t lead to dents in your pocket!

Complete Coverage for your Car

Complete Coverage for your Car

A comprehensive car insurance gives you the maximum amount of coverage your car can get. Especially, with customizable add-ons available, you can protect your car from all possible situations.

Covers you Legally

Covers you Legally

People are often under the wrong impression that they need a third-party car insurance to drive legally. However, a comprehensive car insurance already includes and covers for third-party damages and hence ensures you can drive legally too 😊

Who should buy a Comprehensive Insurance for Car?

The New Car Owner

Buying a new car is almost like a milestone for most people. After already spending so much on your new car, the least you should do for your car and your peace of mind is protect it with a comprehensive cover. 

The One Who Lives in the Big Bustling City

Driving in bigger, metro cities always has its own set of risks given the rise in traffic, accidents and even pollution. Therefore, to be on the safer side it’s always better to protect your car with a comprehensive car insurance. 

The Fancy Car Owner

If you’re one of those who owns a stunning BMW or Audi, you should definitely opt for a comprehensive car insurance that won’t only protect your car from damages and the risk of thefts but, will also save your pocket from any other unexpected losses! 

The Overprotective Car Parent

It’s okay to feel a little possessive about your dear car. Sometimes, even a small scratch can hurt! If you’re someone who is picky about anything happening to your car, then this goes without saying- that you need a comprehensive car insurance!   

The Clumsy Driver

We’re a little a clumsy sometimes but some of us, maybe more than the rest! If you’re someone who’s always prone to little accidents and mishaps, then it’s better you opt for a Comprehensive Car Insurance that will help you and your car in all them clumsy situations!  

The Road Tripper

If you often take the country down by road then getting a comprehensive car insurance is almost compulsory! After all, the last thing you want while traveling is unexpected losses. Besides, a comprehensive cover also lets you opt for breakdown assistance, that you could benefit from while traveling across the country. 

Why should you upgrade to a Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Why should you buy Comprehensive Car Insurance by Digit?

We treat our customers like VIPs, know how…

Cashless Repairs

5800+ Cashless Network Garages for you to choose from across India

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Customize your Vehicle IDV

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