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Comparison of Health Insurance Plans in India

Why should you Compare Health Insurance Plans?

Comparing health insurance plans before you finally choose one for you has become an important part. You should compare the plans as:

To get a better and Affordable Premium

Affordability is one of the concerns when you are buying a health insurance plan. Insurance providers provide various plans with different premium ranges. You should compare the plans and premiums to find out which is an affordable plan for you.

To get an Insurance plan as per the Requirement

There are more than one insurance companies in the market. They may offer different products based on distinct features. Comparing the health plans beforehand will help you sort the proposal as per your requirement.

Get Additional Benefits

Comparison of the health insurance plan may help you to find out more about additional benefits. For example, the ambulance service charge may be different. Some insurance companies may offer the benefit of AYUSH, alternative therapeutic treatments etc.

Make Informed Decisions

You will get to know a lot about health policies and the norms while comparing them. Knowing the important factors like waiting periods, claim process, diseases not covered etc. will help in making sensible decisions.

Things to check while Comparing Health Insurance Plans

How to Compare Health Insurance - Online or Offline

Compare Online

Compare Offline

Step 1: Find out the web aggregators or companies that can provide a comparison. Or you may use online health insurance premium calculator of different insurance companies and prepare a comparative chart yourself.

Step 1: Find out the agent who can offer you health insurance. Meet the person and explain to him in detail about your requirements.

Step 2: The portal will ask the necessary information like your city (zone), date of birth, number of people you want to cover, contact details, and Sum Insured. The portal will process the information and then a quote will be given to you. You may then choose the insurance company and plan accordingly.

Step 2: Give all the information like your age, pre-existing, critical illness, medical history, family history, Sum Insured, and others to the agent. Make sure the information you provide is correct.

Step 3:Then the insurance company will ask for pre-existing illness, general symptoms, medicines or supplements. If there exists any, then the premium will be affected.

Step 3: The agent will ask for quotes from different insurers and submit the same to you. Read thoroughly and choose the insurance company accordingly.

Step 4: Further you may have to provide your personal details like name, age, gender, and weight. It will also ask some personal details to complete the process.


Comparison of Health Insurance Plans Online or Offline - Which is better?



Time Saving

Comparing health insurance online saves a lot of time.

Asking your agent for the comparison will take a lot of time.


Online comparison is cheaper because there is no middlemen involved. Also, administrative cost reduces.

From an agent, the comparison may come with commission. The quote from insurer will include the administrative cost also.

Unbiased Decision

Comparing online has zero chances of a biased or influenced decision because there is no middleman.

When Comparing offline, the chances of making a baised decision are higher. The agent may try to recommend a health plan where higher commissions are involved.

Awareness about the cover

When comparing online, you can see all the details about the plan on the website and you can talk to the customer care as well in case of doubts.

Whereas, while comparing health plan offline or through an agent, chances are that agent may miss to share some relevant information.


Comparing the quotes of health plans online is quite convenient.

Asking agent to compare the quote can be cumbersome.

Why Compare Health Insurance online?

From food to cabs and groceries to policies everything is available online. Online shopping has made comparisons convenient. There are many options to explore on one platform, at the convenience of your fingertips. And when it comes to health insurance, you should compare it online as:

Zero Investment

Online comparison of health insurance plans requires zero investment from you. You just have to browse the insurance provider or aggregator websites that give you plenty of information. Such web aggregators provide compiled information. It makes comparison and analysis easy.

No need to wait in Insurance/Agent Office

You want an insurance policy, good! But how will you compare the two products? Either by visiting the insurance company/agent office or online. The facility of online comparison saves you the waiting time in long queues when you are already stuck between the office and home.

No Hidden Information

The best part with an online comparison of health insurance is transparency. There is no hidden information. Agents or insurance companies may miss communicating valuable information. This can not be the case when it comes to online comparison.

Saves Time

Comparing health insurance online through web aggregators will save you time. You do not have to wait for any company representative or agent to meet you. Just feed in your inputs and then read about the comparison. Other than aggregators, you can use the online health insurance calculator given by the insurance companies and create a comparative chart yourself.

What happens if you don't Compare Health Insurance?