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What is a Bike Insurance Calculator?

How to use Bike Insurance Premium Calculator?

Here’s a step by step explanation on how to use our premium calculator and get the right bike insurance for your bike!

Step 1

Enter your Bike’s Make, Model, Variant, Registration Date & the City you ride your bike in.

Step 2

Press ‘Get Quote’ and choose the plan of your choice.

Step 3

You can choose between a Third-Party Bike Policy or a Standard/Comprehensive Bike Policy.

Step 4

Tell us about your last Bike Insurance Policy- Date of Expiry, Claim History, NCB, etc.

Step 5

You will now see your policy premium on the bottom right of the page.

Step 6

If you’ve chosen a Standard Plan, you can set your IDV and customize your plan further by selecting add-ons like Zero Depreciation, Return to Invoice, Engine & Gear Protection, etc.

Step 7

You will now see your final premium calculated on the right side of the page.

Benefits of Bike Insurance Calculator

  • Helps Determine the Right IDV - Having the Right IDV makes sure that in case of total loss or theft of your bike, you get rightly compensated for the market value of your bike. Using the bike insurance calculator lets you set the right IDV based on your bike’s specifications.
  • Opt for the Right Addons - Choosing the right addons for your bike insurance policy gives it additional protection and coverage from all possible situations. A bike insurance calculator helps in determining how different add-ons affect your premium, which will accordingly help you select the right mix od add-ons for your bike.
  • Choose the Right Premium - Using a bike insurance calculator, you can compare different bike insurance premium quotes, which will help you land on the best priced plan, something that will be tailor made to suit your needs.

Why is it important to use a Bike Insurance Calculator?

When it comes to buying a bike insurance, most of us want to get it done as quickly as possible. So should you quickly pick the cheapest bike insurance out there or take some time and pick something suitable for your bike? The later would be a better bet and here’s why and how using a bike insurance premium calculator will help you do so: 

Cost Effective, Saves you Money

The job of a two-wheeler insurance premium calculator is not to help you make the cheapest but, help you make the most cost-effective decision. This is because it not only helps you understand how different factors can affect your bike insurance premium but, how the right combination of factors can help you choose a plan that will protect your bike optimally. 

Reduce Bike Insurance Premium

While using a two wheeler insurance premium calculator, you’ll notice how certain change in factors can increase or decrease your bike insurance premium. You can accordingly try different options and see what works best for you and your bike!

Helps you Make an Informed Decision

At the end of it all, it is YOUR dear bike and the least you can do for it is make an informed decision to protect it from all risks. A bike insurance premium calculator is transparent in its calculations and clearly lets you see for yourself how your bike insurance premium is determined.

Use Bike Insurance Calculator for New & Old Bikes

Types of Bike Insurance plans in India

Third Party

A Third-party Bike Insurance is one of the most common types of bike insurance;in which only damages & losses caused to a third-party person, vehicle or property are covered.


A Comprehensive Bike Insurance is one of the most valuable types of bike insurance that covers both third-party liabilities and damages to your own bike as well.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Premium Calculator

Read more about the Important Components of a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Premium.

Own Damages

This is included in all Comprehensive and Own Damage Bike Insurance Policies. This benefit covers for losses caused due to damages to your own bike. For example; if you get into an accident or your bike gets damaged due to the floods. This coverage of your comprehensive bike insurance premium is determined by the kind of bike you ride (make, model, age, cc) and the city you ride it in.

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

The IDV of your bike is the market value of your bike. This essentially also determines the amount you could be compensated for in case your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair. In Digit’s comprehensive bike insurance premium calculator, you can customize your IDV yourself depending on your bike’s specifications. 

Add-On Covers

Customizations are awesome. And that’s what makes a comprehensive bike policy special. Based on the kind of protection you’re looking for your bike, you can customize your comprehensive bike policy with add-on covers such as a zero-depreciation cover, return to invoice cover, breakdown assistance, etc. 


Deductibles is the amount you put from your pocket, during claims. In a comprehensive bike insurance policy, the amount of your share is optional. The higher percentage you opt for, the lower will be your comprehensive bike insurance premium and vice versa. 

No Claim Bonus

For every claim-free year, your bike insurer will reward you with a discount, starting from 20% off for your first claim-free year. The higher NCB you have, the lower will be your comprehensive bike insurance premium.

Damages to Third-Party

The liability to protect a third-party from damages and losses is mandatory by law. Hence, this aspect of your comprehensive bike insurance is standard, and is predetermined by the IRDAI. 

Make and Model of your Bike

The liability to protect a third-party from damages and losses is mandatory by law. Hence, this aspect of your comprehensive bike insurance is standard, and is predetermined by the IRDAI. 

Personal Accident Cover for Owner- Driver

The liability to protect a third-party from damages and losses is mandatory by law. Hence, this aspect of your comprehensive bike insurance is standard, and is predetermined by the IRDAI. 

Age of your Bike

The newer your bike is, the higher risks it has to face. Therefore, the age of your bike too helps in calculating your comprehensive bike insurance premium. 

Third-Party Bike Insurance Premium Calculator

The Third-Party Bike Insurance is the minimum kind of bike insurance you’ll need as per the Motor Vehicles Act. It covers for only damages and losses against third parties, such as if your bike hits a person, damages a property or another vehicle. 

Third-Party Damages

A Third-Party Bike Insurance only covers for third-party related damages and losses. Therefore, your third-party insurance premium will only be dependent on third-party liabilities, the limit of which is predetermined by the IRDAI. 

Personal Accident Cover for Owner-Rider

Just like it’s mandatory to protect yourself with a helmet while riding, it is also mandatory to include a Personal Accident Cover in your bike insurance. 

CC of your Bike

The cc of your bike plays a huge factor in predicting your bike insurance premium. This is because the higher cc your bike has, the faster it can go and ultimately, the higher is its risk. In a Third-Party Bike Insurance, the premium is predetermined by the IRDAI based on different cc ranges.

Third Party Bike Insurance Premium Rates

Two Wheelers with engine capacity

Premium rate

Not exceeding 75cc


Exceeding 75cc but not exceeding 150cc


Exceeding 150cc but not exceeding 350cc


Exceeding 350cc


Tips to Reduce your Bike Insurance Premium

Here are some tips and tricks to help reduce your bike insurance premium. 

Increase your Voluntary Deductible

If you’re a safe rider and have largely had a clean claims state, you could consider increasing your voluntary deductible that will help in decreasing your bike insurance premium. 

Maintain a Good Riding Record

This one’s pretty obvious. Ride safely and stay away from trouble so you can avoid making claims and hence be rewarded with a No Claim Bonus on every bike insurance renewal.

Talk to your Insurance Company

Talking it out always helps. No matter what your concerns are, talk them out with your insurance company and you never know, they might give you the most suitable solution and perhaps a cost effective premium too!

Renew your Policy on Time

We all procrastinate, but don’t do it in this case. Renew your bike insurance policy before its expiry date. This won’t only eliminate the bike inspecting process but will also ensure you can include your No Claim Bonus and get a discount. 

Select Relevant Add-Ons

Add-Ons and Covers are an awesome way to add an extra layer of protection to your bike, but it also increases your bike insurance premium. Therefore, we recommend that you only opt relevant add-ons. 

Why Choose Bike Insurance by Digit?

Your bike insurance not only comes with a super easy claim process, but also with the option to choose a cashless settlement

Cashless Repairs

Cashless Repairs

2900+ Cashless Network Garages for you to choose from across India

Smartphone-enabled Self Inspection

Smartphone-enabled Self Inspection

Quick and Paperless claims process through a Smartphone-enabled self-inspection process

Super-fast Claims

Super-fast Claims

Average turn around time for two-wheeler claims is 11 days

Customize your Vehicle IDV

Customize your Vehicle IDV

With us, you can customize your vehicle IDV as per your choice!

24*7 Support

24*7 Support

24*7 call facility even on National Holidays

Key Features of Two Wheeler Insurance by Digit

Key Features

Digit Benefit


Starting from ₹752

No Claim Bonus

Up to 50% Discount

Customizable Add-Ons

5 Add-ons available

Cashless Repairs

Available at 2900+ Garages

Claim Process

Smartphone-enabled Claim process. Can be done online within 7 minutes!

Own Damage Cover


Damages to Third-Party

Unlimited Liability for Personal Damages, Up to 7.5 Lakhs for Property/Vehicle Damages

With us, get access to VIP claims

After you buy or renew our two wheeler insurance plan, you live tension free as we have a 3-step, completely digital claims process!

Step 1

Just call on 1800-258-5956. No forms to be filled.

Step 2

Get a link for Self-Inspection on your registered mobile number. Shoot your vehicle’s damages from your smartphone through a guided step by step process.

Step 3

Choose the mode of repair you wish to opt for i.e. Reimbursement or Cashless through our network of garages.

Report Card

How fast are Digit Insurance Claims Settled?

This is the first question that should come to your mind when switching your insurance company. Good you’re doing that!

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